Our Mission

To build disability community and justice in the outdoors.

Our Vision

An outdoors culture transformed by representation, access, and justice for Disabled and all other marginalized people.

About Disabled Hikers

Disabled Hikers is an entirely Disabled-led organization. We celebrate disabled people’s experiences in the outdoors. We help facilitate those experiences with information, resources, and events, including trail guides and group hikes. We are also committed advocates for justice, access, and inclusion, and work with parks, organizations, brands, and more. We challenge the dominant narrative of who is considered to be valid and which experiences matter in the outdoors. Whether enjoying the outdoors means sitting by your window or thru-hiking a trail, you are welcome here.

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How to Use this Website

The website is currently being redesigned to more accurately reflect our work and make it easier to find resources. For now, you can find trail guides under the ‘trail guide’ drop down menu (located at the top of the page on desktop or in a nested menu on mobile).

Trail guides include detailed information on trail conditions, elevation changes, getting to the site, wheelchair access, and other factors of accessibility. The descriptions are supplemented with a Spoon Rating which gives a general guide as to the accessibility of the trail and the effort required, with consideration for how restorative the experience may be.

If you want to find a hike that is a certain spoon rating, that is wheelchair accessible, near a specific town, or that includes a certain feature (such as a waterfall), scroll down on any page to the bottom menu bar. In the center is a section labeled tags. Click on the one that matches what you are looking for (you can only select one at a time).

You can also search the website. On the right side of the menu bar is a search icon. Click there and try your search.

You can find trail guides from other organizations and more on the Resources page. Check out the Advocacy page for resources about disability and access in the outdoors. Be sure to order your copy of The Disabled Hiker’s Guide to Western Washington and Oregon!

The Disabled Hiker’s Guide to Western Washington and Oregon is Now Available!

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