Group Hike: Woodard Bay Conservation Area, Olympia

Group hikes are supportive experiences; we help and support one another along the way. The group hikes together – we won’t leave you behind!

Where: Woodard Bay Conservation Area
When: Sunday July 1, 2018 at 2pm
Trail Description: This trail offers two options
~A 1 mile out and back paved, wheelchair accessible trail to a picnic area and views of the bay,
~An additional 1.5 mile loop trail through forest with 170 feet of elevation gain and more than 50 steps.
We’ll decide which trail to take as a group. Wheel-users welcome!
What to bring: water, picnic/snack food, hiking essentials, anything you need to feel comfortable
Pets: Service animals always welcome. The trail does not allow pets.
Cost: Free. Donation of $1-10 suggested. I spend 20 hours organizing each group event.
Parking: There is room for approximately 15 cars. Please carpool if possible. A Discover Pass is required.

A full guide will be available for the trail soon. The trail to the bay is a little over 0.5 mile one way and it is paved almost to the end – there is one short section of gravel leading to the picnic area. The 1.5 mile loop connects to two places on the main trail and winds through the forest. It is mostly good tread with some areas of boardwalk, and a total of 50 steps. Total elevation gain is 170 feet. Overall, I rate the trail a two spoon difficulty.

We welcome anyone who needs a group of supportive, slow moving hikers. We are body-positive. We also welcome those who are new to hiking and supportive friends and family.

Disabled Hikers is an inclusive group. All of our hikes begin with a moment to honor the ancestral people of the land and their living descendants, and introductions with name and pronouns. You will also be welcomed to share a bit about why you are here. There is never any pressure to share anything, and if you want to be anonymous that is okay too.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Please read the hike description. Trails are chosen to be as enjoyable as possible for the most folks, but only you can decide if a hike is appropriate for you.
  • Please do not offer anyone advice or assistance without asking first. No general health, diet, or medical talk – we’re here to enjoy nature and our bodies.
  • If you have questions at any time, please ask. We’re here for you!

RSVP with the form below or on Facebook.


Want to help make hikes happen? I spend at least 20 hours organizing each group hike. You can support my work with contributions via PayPal (one time donation) or Patreon (recurring monthly donation).

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