Madison Falls

Featured Image Description: a paved trail with a wooden fence on one side curves around a cliff. Trees and ferns fill the photo.

Madison Falls in the Elwha River Valley near Port Angeles is a lovely waterfall 0.1 mile from the parking area. The trail is paved with a gentle slope. It is wheelchair accessible, but there are a couple of places where roots have lifted the pavement. There are well-placed benches along the way, including one at the falls.

The road is open to the falls but remains closed to vehicles beyond. The road is blocked by a gate with enough room to walk around, but it is a bit narrow for a wheelchair and too low unless you can bend over. The parking lot is gravel with space for about 20 vehicles. You have a nice view of the river and surrounding mountains from the parking area and it feels surprisingly remote. There is also a grassy area with a couple of picnic tables and vault toilets, making it a nice place to relax for a time.

Ancestral land of the Lower Elwha Klallam people.

Image Description: Madison Falls flows down the side of a moss-covered cliff.

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