Group Hike: Fort Townsend State Park, Port Townsend

Disabled Hikers is coming to Port Townsend! Join us at Fort Townsend State Park to celebrate Washington Trails Day. We’ll hike together, picnic, and share what we love about Washington trails, what we would like to improved, and ideas for how to be involved as people with disabilities.

RSVP here or on Facebook so we know to expect you!

Where: Fort Townsend State Park, Port Townsend, WA
When: Saturday, August 3, 1:00pm
Trail Description: We will meet at the parking area in front of the Friend’s Barn, near the restrooms. We will plan to hike the level Bluff Trail, but the loop we take will be determined by the group.
Pets: Service animals always welcome. Pets are allowed in the park. Please only bring your pet if you really need to and make sure they are comfortable in a group setting.
Cost: Please bring a donation of any amount. Half of the proceeds will be sent to Washington Trails Association. (This event is not sponsored by or associated with Washington Trails Association.)
Parking: Park in the area near the Friend’s Barn.
A Discover Pass is required. People with a Washington disability tag or placard may enter state parks without a Pass.

We welcome anyone who needs a group of supportive, slow moving hikers. We also welcome those who are new to hiking and supportive friends and family. The group hikes together; we match the pace of the ‘slowest’ hiker and make decisions about which trail to take and when to turn back as a group.

Disabled Hikers is an inclusive group. All of our hikes begin with a moment to honor the ancestral people of the land and their living descendants, and introductions. You will also be welcomed to share a bit about why you are here. There is never any pressure to share anything, and if you want to be anonymous that is okay too.

Other things to keep in mind:

Please read the hike description. Trails are chosen to be as enjoyable as possible for the most folks, but only you can decide if a hike is appropriate for you.
Please do not offer anyone advice or assistance without asking first.
If you have questions at any time, please ask. We’re here for you!

Want to support this work of providing resources and events for disabled hikers? Make a one-time donation through PayPal or a recurring monthly donation through Patreon.

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