No Body Is Disposable

Did you know that most states have guidelines for the rationing of medical care that consider the lives of disabled people as less valuable? This has once again come to the forefront as Covid-19 emergency management plans are released.

I am sharing letters that Disabled Hikers has signed on in support, which you can sign too. More information about the #NoBodyIsDisposable coalition and ways to show your support is available at The Know Your Rights guide is an important resource for those who face discrimination in health care.

An Open Letter to Medical Professionals asks medical professionals to join us in resisting discriminatory policies that violate their oaths and responsibilities, including the rationing of healthcare.

Letter Opposing California’s Health Care Rationing Guidelines is in response to California’s recently released rationing guidelines. As a result of community response, Gov. Newsom has agreed to revise the guidelines. Your support is still needed.

Thank you to everyone who has been practicing physical distancing, wearing masks, and isolating at home. Your actions not only helps prevent the spread of the virus, it saves the lives of people of color, disabled, chronically ill, LGBTQ+, and others who are and would be denied care.

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