Interrorem Nature Trail

Located near Brinnon, Washington, the Interrorem Nature Trail is an accessible interpretative nature trail that loops for 0.3 mile through mature second growth forest in a rainforest setting. You’ll pass large stumps of cedar, fir trees, and a variety of ferns and mosses, as well as signs that share the story of early life for the forest rangers. The trail was recently improved by Mount Rose Trail Crew to be more accessible, however it does not meet full trail accessibility guidelines.

Spoon Rating: Two spoons. The trail surface is compacted gravel, mostly level and barrier free. However, there are two short sections with maximum allowable grade and above maximum cross-slope, and one section where brush may encroach the trail to less than minimum width.

Trail Stats: Distance: 0.3 mile loop; Elevation Change: under 20 feet; Max Grade: 12%; Max Cross-Slope: 10%; Typical Width: 3 feet; Typical Surface: Compact Gravel Amenities: accessible toilet, no accessible parking or picnic area, water available via hand pump.

Interrorem Nature trailhead leading into the forest. Info board on the left side, wide natural surface trail on the right, curving left into green brush and trees.
Trailhead and information board for the Interrorem Nature Trail/Ranger Hole Trail. Info board on the left includes maps and trail notices. Trail is wide with natural surface, curving to the left into the forest.

Trail Description: The trailhead is the same as the Ranger Hole Trail. It begins at a small gravel and grass parking area at the historic Interrorem Cabin (which is available for overnight rentals but is not accessible). There are no designated parking spots and there may not be enough space for an accessibility van.

Mossy green trees arch over a trail leading into the distance.
Mossy maples arch over a trail leading into the distance, fall leaves scattered on the ground. A sign on the right side.

The trail begins next to an information board at the west side of the parking area; the first few feet is four-feet wide with semi-firm natural surface before reaching an accessible vault toilet. The nature trail forks left behind the toilet. The surface becomes compact gravel and narrows to 3 feet, passing an interpretative sign about the cabin on the left. It then descends on a 3-5% grade for approximately 10 feet, followed by approximately 30 feet at 10-12% grade. You will pass underneath and between draping vine maple, towering big leaf maple, and moss-covered stumps. There is another short decline at 12% grade with 3-5% cross-slope before the trail curves left – there is an old decaying bench here.

Here the trail narrows to 2-3 feet, traveling through sword fern and mossy trees. It curves right and at approximately 0.15 mile (halfway around the loop) comes to a new bench that is less than 12 inches above ground – it may difficult to sit on. The trail descends briefly at a 6% grade then a 10-12% grade for approximately 15 feet, curving right between tall tree trees. There is a short 10% cross-slope here, so be cautious. You then pass another interpretative sign about life for the early forest rangers. Trail the rolls slightly with a 6-7% cross-slope. You then meet with the Ranger Hole Trail, which forks to the left — continue ahead on the Nature Trail. The loop ends back at the toilet after a couple hundred feet.

A gravel trail descends amidst green plants. Trees in the background.
Looking back up at a section of the trail as it descends on a slight hill, with maximum grade and steep cross-slope. Trees, moss, and ferns surround the trail.

Cell Phone Reception: Spotty to none (tested on Verizon).

Pass/Entry Fee: Interagency Pass or Northwest Forest Pass. There is no payment kiosk here.

Getting There: The trailhead is located on Duckabush Rd/NF-2510. From Brinnon, WA head south on US Highway 101. In approximately 3 miles, turn right on Duckabush Rd, which is a paved two-lane road. Continue for 4 miles to the end of the pavement. The parking area is on the left.

Nearby Alternatives: Dosewallips State Park offers accessible cabins and restrooms.

Land Acknowledgement: This is the land of the sqʷuqʷóbəš [Twana/Skokomish], “People of the River”, whose traditional territory included the entire Hood Canal drainage basin in western Washington.

Map and elevation profile for the Interrorem Nature Trail
Map and elevation profile for the Interrorem Nature Trail. Distance: 0.3 mile, Elevation 13 ft Moving: 0:19:06

Last Updated: September 30, 2020

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  1. These guides/reviews/ratings continue to wow me because they help me see that not everyone is like me. I often take for granted some of the things I can (currently) do and your writeups are so comprehensive that I find myself thinking, “Oh, yeah, that would be useful info for someone with sight limitations” or “…mobility limitations” or “…who gets tired more easily than I do.” Thanks for continuing to broaden my perspective to what others experience and struggle with when outdoors.


  2. Can someone contact me about this trail? This is the first attempt for the MRTC at making a trail like this. We would like some feedback for whaat needs to be fixed to get more spoons.


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