Group Hike: French Broad River Park, Asheville, NC

Join Disabled Hikers for an accessible outing at French Broad River Park in Asheville, NC! We will take a short stroll and roll on the 0.5 mile paved path through the park, with an option to extend the outing along the French Broad River Greenway. Learn accessible outdoor tips and nature identification from the founder of Disabled Hikers while enjoying this oasis in the city with other people who are disabled. We welcome all people who are disabled, neurodivergent, chronically ill, or otherwise identify as having a disability.

Masks are required. If you can not wear a mask, you will be asked for proof of vaccination.

Where: French Broad River Park, 508 Riverview Dr, Asheville, NC
When: Sunday November 21, 2021 at 12:00pm

Register here.

Trail Description

A flat 0.5 mile long paved path travels through the park with viewpoints of the river. There is an option to extend the hike along the French Broad River Greenway. We will adapt the hike to meet everyone’s needs.


Restrooms available in the park. There are benches and picnic tables.


Service dogs are always welcome. Pets are discouraged to reduce potential conflict and accessibility issues.


Sliding scale $0 – $25


There is a paved parking lot with accessible parking, and an overflow lot.


No public transit to the park.

About Disabled Hikers

Disabled Hikers is an inclusive disability-led and disability-centered organization grounded in principles of disability justice. Syren Nagakyrie, the founder of Disabled Hikers, is a multiply disabled and chronically ill person who is an enthusiastic about the outdoors and disability community.

We welcome anyone who needs a group of supportive, slow moving hikers. We also welcome those who are new to hiking and supportive friends and family. The group hikes together; we adapt the hike to match the needs of everyone present, rest when needed, and make decisions about when to turn back as a group.

All of our events begin with a moment to honor the land and the Indigenous peoples, followed by group introductions. There is never any pressure to share anything, and if you want to be anonymous that is okay too.

Other things to keep in mind:
Please read the hike description. Trails are chosen to be as enjoyable as possible for the most folks, but only you can decide if a hike is appropriate for you.

Please do not offer anyone advice or assistance without asking first.

If you have questions at any time, please ask. We’re here for you!


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