CANCELLED Group Hike: Alton Baker Park, Oregon

This event has been postponed. Please sign up for the newsletter to find out about our next events.

Join Disabled Hikers for a group hike at Alton Baker Park! Sitting on the north bank of the Willamette River, Alton Baker Park is the largest developed park in Eugene. In addition to the trail system, there is river access, public art, native gardens, and the Kalapuya Talking Stones with words from the Kalapuyan language. It is a 1 spoon hike and is wheelchair accessible. This trail is featured in The Disabled Hiker’s Guide to Western Washington and Oregon. Syren will have books available – get yours signed!

Our group hikes are access-centered and collaborative, and we will customize the hike based on everyone’s needs. We welcome all people who are disabled, chronically ill, and/or neurodivergent, and your family, friends, and caregivers. It is required that you wear a mask.

WhereAlton Baker Park, approximately 1.5 miles northeast of downtown Eugene on Day Island Rd.

When: Tuesday October 18, at 4:30pm. 

Register here for Full Details


Spoon Rating: 1 spoon. Wheelchair accessible, with some caution to Hays Tree Garden due to possible loose gravel and one large rut. Benches are available.

Distance: 1 mile lollipop loop; Starting Elevation: 410 feet; Elevation Gain: 30 feet; Max Grade: 5%; Max Cross-slope: 5%; Typical Width: 6 feet; Typical Surface: Paved

Trail Description

There are two trail options. We will decide as a group which option is the most accessible.

The North Bank Trail: is a paved, accessible multi-use path that follows the north bank of the Willamette River. It is generally level with a couple of maximum 8% grades, and benches along the way.

Canoe Canal Trail to Hays Tree Garden: This trail is flat and wide, with a compacted pea gravel surface. There is one spot that may have a wide rut in the center of the trail, but it is possible to bypass it. It ends at the tree garden, which has a paved path that winds through lovely trees.

If you need a more detailed trail description to decide whether to attempt the trail with us, contact us and we can send a copy of the description from the book.


There are restrooms at the parking area. The park also has water fountains, picnic shelters, and benches.


Service dogs are always welcome. Pets are discouraged to reduce potential conflict and accessibility issues. 


Free. Donations gratefully accepted – it takes several hours to organize each group hike.


From Club Road, turn left into the park and park in the first lot on the right. It is a large paved lot with at least 8 accessible parking spots.


The 12, 13 and 66 bus routes pass near Alton Baker Park.

About Disabled Hikers

Disabled Hikers is an inclusive disability-led and disability-centered organization grounded in principles of disability justice. 

We welcome anyone who is disabled, chronically ill, neurodivergent, or otherwise has lived experience of disability – we define these terms in the broadest way possible. We also welcome supportive friends and family. The group hikes together; we adapt the hike to match the needs of everyone present, rest when needed, and make decisions about when to turn back as a group.

All of our events begin with a moment to honor the land and the Indigenous peoples, followed by group introductions. There is never any pressure to share anything, and if you want to be anonymous that is okay too.

Other things to keep in mind:
Please read the hike description. Trails are chosen to be as enjoyable as possible for the most folks, but only you can decide if a hike is appropriate for you.

Please do not offer anyone advice or assistance without asking first.

If you have questions at any time, please ask. We’re here for you!

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