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Disabled Hikers is now over a year old (founded March 2018). The response has been amazing and I am honored and excited to be doing this work. We are growing steadily, and you are invited to be a part of that!

Here are some ways you can help:
  • Write your own trail guide! We’ll post guides for your favorite park, campground, or trail from anywhere in the country. I’ll work with you to write a great guide. Email me.
  • Share your own stories about being a disabled hiker. Post experiences on trail and tag us on social media or submit them here. With your permission, I will add them to the website and social media.
  • Share the project with your friends! Share posts from the Facebook page, our Instagram, and the website. Spread the word.
  • Know of any individuals or organizations doing work around disability and/or the outdoors? Connect us.
  • Do you have a podcast, blog, or write for media outlet? I’m available for interviews and articles.
  • Want me to come speak at your event, assess a location for accessibility, or lead a public or private hike in your area? Let’s talk.
  • Support Syren (the founder) on Patreon. Managing this project is more than a part-time job, and I currently have no other sources of funding. Patreon helps me have the time and money to do this work.
Some skill specific help I need right now:
  • Social Media: do you have social media outreach/marketing experience? I love social media, but it is a lot to manage on my own. I would love to have some help on the various platforms. We have a Facebook and Instagram right now, and it would be great to expand them and add to our outreach.
  • Website development: Its time for the website to be redesigned, so that we can grow into everything I envision for the project!
  • Graphic Design: We have some design needs, particularly as I am getting ready to offer merchandise for sale!
  • Assistant/Intern/Mentee: are you disabled or chronically ill and committed to social and environmental justice? Interested in learning the ins-and-outs of community organizing and organizational development? I have over 15 years of experience in community work, organizational development, and project management. I am open to working with the right person in an internship/mentorship role.
  • Gear: Disabled people often lack access to appropriate gear, myself included. If you are or know of an outdoor retail company who would like to donate gear and outdoor supplies, please contact me.
I can be reached via email at disabled hiker guides [at]

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