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Syren Nagakyrie leads group hikes and gatherings in the Olympic Peninsula and other locations in western Washington and Oregon. They are also available to come to your area. Group hikes are supportive experiences; the group matches the pace of the ‘slowest’ hiker, takes a break whenever someone needs one, and adjusts the hike to meet individual needs.

Upcoming Events:

There are no upcoming events.

Upcoming Hikes:

All group events are cancelled until further notice due to Covid-19.

This is the obvious but difficult decision because our gatherings are small, our members mindful, and for many it is the only time they feel safe and supported in going outdoors. Many sick and disabled folks experience social isolation all of the time, so this period of community isolation is even more difficult. Disabled Hikers is brainstorming ways to offer safe group hikes again, and looks forward to the day when we can gather once again. Individual private hikes may still be possible; get in touch to discuss.

Disabled Hikers is an inclusive group. All of our hikes begin with a moment to honor the ancestral people of the land and their living descendants, and introductions. You will also be welcomed to share a bit about why you are here and what your needs are. There is never any pressure to share anything, and if you want to be anonymous that is okay too.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Please read the hike description. Trails are chosen to be as enjoyable as possible for the most folks, but only you can decide if a hike is appropriate for you.
  • Please do not offer anyone advice or assistance without asking first.
  • If you have questions at any time, please ask. We’re here for you!

Interested in a private hike or guided day trip? Want me to review a trail or assess your event for accessibility?  Contact me.

Want to help make hikes happen? I spend at least 20 hours organizing each group hike. You can support this work with contributions via PayPal (one time donation) or Patreon (recurring monthly donation).

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