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Articles About Disabled Hikers

Travel Awaits – Syren gives their top 5 tips for hiking with a mobility disability.

Washington Trails Association – “A Book Made for Disabled Hikers” published in the Fall 2022 magazine and online.

New York Times – “I Wanted That Self Reliance Back. Disabled Hikers Forge a New Path” is a feature article about Disabled Hikers and several other outdoor disability advocates about the work being done to encounter nature on our own terms.

USA Today – “How One Disabled Hiker is Clearing a Path for Others” is a feature article and Q&A with Syren. “Hiking hasn’t always been accessible to all, but these groups are opening up the outdoors” features Disabled Hikers and several other outdoor affinity groups, with tips on how to enjoy the outdoors.

KUOW Seattle NPRHonest Trail Reviews for Disabled Hikers is a two minute audio interview and written article about Syren and Disabled Hikers.
An Accessible Guide to Hiking in Washington” is a 13 minute audio interview with Syren about the book.

Thrillist – “How to Get Outside in a Way That Serves You” is an article featuring several outdoor equity activists, including Syren and Disabled Hikers.

Outside Online – “How Disabled Hikers Created an Adventure Playbook For All” is a feature length article about Disabled Hikers for the Outside online magazine.
Nine Ways to Make the Outdoors More Inclusive” features nine outdoor activists with tips on how to create a more inclusive outdoors.

Portland Audubon – an article about Disabled Hikers and building an inclusive, intersectional, accessible outdoors movement with people with disabilities. Republished by National Audubon Society

Bitch Media – “Disabled Athletes are adaptive, resilient, and still locked out” features Disabled Hikers and several other disabled outdoors people. Read the series!

Healthline – “Hiking is not just for able-bodied white people anymore” talks about racism and ableism in the outdoors, and the path forward, including Disabled Hikers.

New York Times – Disabled Hikers was included in this article about Unlikely Hikers and diversifying the outdoors.
Grist – “These proud LGBTQ adventurers are putting the ‘out’ in outdoors” includes Syren and Disabled Hikers

REI Co-Op Journal – Syren was included in a feature of LGBTQ+ outdoor adventurers.

OutdoorsNW Magazine – an article about the Disabled Hikers Guidebook for one of the largest outdoor magazines in the northwest. (Pages 18-20)

Peninsula Daily News – A feature article in a special section of the Olympic Peninsula’s syndicated newspaper (Pages 22-24).

Articles By Disabled Hikers

Backpacker – Syren writes for Backpacker magazine. Read “Being a Disabled Hiker Isn’t Always Easy. In Mt. Rainier’s Paradise, I Found My Flow.

TripSavvyHow the Founder of Disabled Hikers is Advocating for Accessibility in the Outdoors Syren shares their story about the importance of the outdoors, starting Disabled Hikers, and what disabled people need in the outdoors. How to Plan a National Park Trip as a Person with a Disability Syren offers tips on planning a trip, questions to ask, and a few trip suggestions.

Save the Redwoods – an op-ed about conservation, ableism, and the importance of disability in the outdoors. Written by Syren Nagakyrie.

Washington Trails Association – Helping Disabled People Find Belonging Outdoors, in the Summer 2020 Washington Trails magazine, available in print and on the web. It includes lots of suggestions for inclusion and accessibility. Written by Syren Nagakyrie
Washington’s National Park Fund – “Disabled Hikers – Love Your Self, Love Your Place”. It provides a great introduction to my experiences as a disabled person, what led me to create Disabled Hikers, and what we aim to do. Written by Syren Nagakyrie

North Olympic Land Trust Newsletter – Syren wrote a short article about Disabled Hikers and love of place for the land trust’s seasonal newsletter.

SELF Magazine – Syren wrote a recommendation of an accessible fall hike for The Best 15 Places to Go Hiking in the Fall


KING 5 Seattle News – KING 5 interviewed Syren following a group hike in Seattle.

KIRO 7 Seattle News – KIRO 7 Seattle did a broadcast feature on Disabled Hikers. Syren discusses belonging and the growing movement for access and representation, as well as the upcoming Disabled Hikers Guide.

Access Nature –  What does accessibility in the outdoors actually mean, and how can it be improved for all people with disabilities? This fully captioned, audio described, and transcribed video was produced by Rooted in Rights and written and directed by Syren Nagakyrie.


Atlas Obscura – Atlas Obscura podcast interviewed Syren about their experiences as a Disabled person in the outdoors. In this beautiful 13 minute episode, hear soundscapes of the Olympic Peninsula and stories from Syren about access, belonging, and the movement for inclusion.

The Hiiker Podcast – Syren talks with Eoin of the Hiiker app about The Disabled Hiker’s Guide, ways of engaging with the outdoors, and the international reach of the Disabled Hikers community.

The Secret Lives of Parks – The National Parks Conservation Association interviewed Syren on this episode titled “Hiking with Spoons”

Disability, Movement, Etc. – podcast with Dr. Andrew M. Colombo-Dougovito about the barriers to physical activity for disabled people. We had an excellent and far ranging conversation. Additional platform links.

Unlikely Hikers – Jenny Bruso interviewed Syren for her podcast. We talk about ableism in the outdoors and why disability is so often left out of the diversity conversation. It includes perspectives from several other disabled outdoors-lovers.

Breaking Green Ceilings – is a weekly interview series that amplifies the voices of environmentalists from historically underrepresented communities. In Episode 23, Syren talks about their experiences of invisible disability, why they created Disabled Hikers and how to create more accessibility in the outdoors, as well as topics around ableism, inspiration porn, the social model of disability, and racism in the disability community.

Uninvisible Podcast – is a podcast about invisible illness and disability with Lauren Freedman. I talk about my experiences with healthcare as a lifelong chronically ill and disabled person, the role of advocacy, and how to make the outdoors more accessible.


Eddie Bauer Syren is a Community Leader with the Eddie Bauer One Outside program. Eddie Bauer is a sponsor of Disabled Hikers.

I am available for interviews, features, and regular columns. Contact me for media requests.

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